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2 of Cups

A lion's head oversees the tarot deck's card of love. In the tarot deck there are men who are stage performers who dress almost in drag as a part of the act. Besides the obvious implications, we can dismiss this aspect of the card as nothing but the perverse style of evildoers.

The picture shows a young man and woman on a date. They took the day to share a romantic walk in the park. It is obvious by the way that they look at each other what they are thinking. They take a moment to toast to their love.

As they symbolically share a drink, the sign of their union appears between the cups. Twisting around the pole are 2 snakes that resemble a strand of DNA. It doesn't take a genious to figure out what these two are planning. We can only hope that they do the right thing and get married first.

Reversed keywords: lust, debauch, whoredom, prostitution, depraved, immoral, affair

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