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One Card Tarot Reading

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8 of Wands

Too many wands is just too many egos to work together without an extremely powerful leader. Without a leader, the mob that formed in the previous Wands card now becomes a menace without a cause. There is an organized chaos in the mob mentality, and their real danger lies in the randomness of their actions. They are prone to meaningless madness.

The democratic structure that they are so proud of is really just harmonious anarchy. They share the desire to do evil and as long as one guy isn't too much of a jerk, they'll probably go along with whatever the guy says. It may be that idle hands are to blame.

The danger of mob mentality is that nobody really knows who is doing the thinking. Without a leader, nobody has anybody to answer to so they all share the blame. Whever this card shows up, beware of random chaos.

Reversed keywords: jealousy, internal war, dispute, conscience, quarrels, domestic disputes

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