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A young man focuses on his wicked accomplishment. His full attention belongs to this satanic possession. The pentagram could represent any kind of satanic connection that he may have. The one thing that is certain about it is that he considers it his prize possession. But the sad truth is that the man's possessions actually end up owning him.

The maker of this tarot deck happened to be the same occultist who wrote The Book of Black Magic. When Aleister Crowley was considered the wickedest man in the world, A.E. Waite was the one who actually wrote about black magic. Other occultists of their time were overshadowed by these 2, who only represent the tip of the iceberg.

The young man looks and acts wimpy and effeminate in his girly clothes, but upon closer inspection we notice this guy's guns. He is a muscleman who cloaks his powerhouse physique in weak mannerisms. His gender-bending style is grotesque and disturbing. He could be a performer, which explains why he is so flamboyant.

Upright keywords: application, study, scholarship, reflection, news, messager, rule, management

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