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The Relationship Spread

The Relationship

The devil offers relationship advice like a matchmaker of lust. This Relationship spread attempts to break down the realtionship between 2 people using a scientific method of psychology. It is interpreted by analyzing the differences between the matching cards on either side of the relationship.

The first card to be seen is the significator. This card represents the overall theme and mood of the entire relationship. Next we move to interpreting the 2 columns that characterize each individual's role in the pair.

The top row shows the conscious thoughts of each person, or what they think about the relationship and their partner. The middle row, cards #6-3 show the way each individual feels about the other.

The bottom row represents the way each person acts in the relationship. The stance they take could be genuine, or maybe it is just a facade.

The Relationship Reading

  You   Other Person
7 of Pentagrams
7 of Swords
6 of Cups

4 of Pentagrams

King of Swords
(external appearance)

3 of Pentagrams
8 of Pentagrams


4 of Pentagrams

This is the secret side of the Emperor. He sits in front of his kingdom showing off the the head, heart, and roots of his earthly power. He is rich and powerful because of his master, the devil. The minister of evil greedily clenches the devil's symbol in his vile clutches. He is a conservative oppresser who would go to any lengths to retain his position.

He is firm in his stance, as firm of a stance as possible. The souls of his feet stand atop 2 pentagrams, signifying his permanent attachment to the devil. He has sold his soul and is now the property of Satan. Balancing atop his crown, the pentagram stands for the knowledge of this world.

Satan has been called the god of this world by some, but this is only admission of their own guilt. There shall be no other gods before the LORD. Though it is a mystery why evil is so prevalent in these trying times, we must be strong and not bow before the devil or his servants.

Upright keywords: possession, cleaving to, gift, legacy, inheritance, clenching, greed, ownership


Your Thoughts

7 of Pentagrams

This is the card of intoxication and the depravity it spreads. Alcohol is a tool of the devil. Alcohol contains demons that eventually take full possession of the soul when enough is injested. Throughout all history and even before recorded history, alcohol has always been the most popular method of inducing demonic possession.

The husbandman is a perveyor of perversion. Like the vine pictured on the card, it spreads outward like a plague growing in all directions. Pentagrams, the universal symbol of Satan, decorate the vine like a Christmas tree.

The grape vine is one of the best signs to represent evil because they share the same capacity for growth and corruption. The husbandman must carefully restrict the vine's growth just to maintain order. The husbandman may represent an alcoholic or a bartender, someone who manages alcohol.

Upright keywords: money, business, barter, innocence, ingenuity, purgation, enginuity

Their Thoughts

7 of Swords

A thief looks over his shoulder as he makes away with 5 of 7 swords. Just like the 10 of Wands, their owners were having supper. This heist is not as easy as grabbing 10 wands though. Swords are a lot harder to carry so he can only manage 5 of them. He treads lightly, knowing that anybody in those tents might notice their sword or their friend's walking away.

He is tiptoeing away from the scene of the crime, wishing that he was invisible. In Waite's Book of Black Magic, criminals are encouraged to do heinous spells of unimaginable evil. Waite, the maker of this tarot deck was a sinister occultist who was one of the most notorious proponents of evil that the world has ever known.

Knowing just a little about the twisted mind of Waite, we may assume that the fez-like cap the thief dons is most likely his hat of invisibility. The pathetic spell that the man must perform to even become invisible requires a night in the grave yard, where he must dig up a corpse and steal its hand, which then of course he puts in his pocket for good luck when he does crimes.

Upright keywords: design, attempt, wish, hope, confidence, also quarrelling, slander, babbling


Your Emotions

6 of Cups

Children are at play in an old garden, symbolically stopping to smell the flowers. Children are not fully responsible for their actions because they can not help the fact that they have been ingrained with original sin. They must be taught not to chase their own evil passions, but to learn the difference between righteousness and wickedness. It is up to the adult to teach them because they are incapable of figuring it out.

Children playing is a good sign, perhaps the best sign of such a wreched deck of cards. It is a happy card to occur in a reading that points to joyous times of celebration.

Depending on the circumstances, this card can be very dangerous because of the possibility of innocence being corrupted. If it comes up near such negative signs, it may be a warning to protect your children. With the most valuable possession comes the potential of the greatest loss.

Upright keywords: past, remembering, happiness, enjoyment, good times, fond memories

Their Emotions

King of Swords

This is a man who thinks he knows it all. Just because of his above average intelligence, the devil tells him that he is the smartest man alive. Consequentially he continually outsmarts himself. He insults his subjects that he hopes to teach and generally does unintentional harm in the name of good due to the sharp blade he carelessly wields.

The proverbial know-it-all has the sign of the butterfly on his throne. Also birds in the distant sky make the card symbolic of his mind being like an open sky, his thought flighty. It is fertile ground for unclean thoughts when a man's mind is too open.

An open mind invites evil deeds. Butterflies are like the way he quickly dodges any kind of accusation. They also show that he is very nervous in his demeanor, a guy who is constantly thinking. Unfortunately like his queen, his thoughts are ultimately destructive.

Reversed keywords: cruelty, vulgar, perverse, barbarian, perfidy, evil intention, malice, crude


Your Facade

3 of Pentagrams

The crafter from the 8 of Pentagrams is at work in the temple. He decorates the satanic ritual chamber. His work is overseen by 2 strange authority figures, a monk and a man wearing an entertainer's robe. His robe of lust is covered with lipstick stains, a clue about his secret side job. The rise of satanism has opened the door to all manner of debauchery.

Servants of the devil stand in mockery of the church. They mimic the same symbols that represent all that is good, a method of hurling childish insults at God. This card is the gate of temple of the devil. Evil men carry out their plan to open the gates of Hell.

The artisan puts the final touches on the gates. Proud devil worshippers direct the construction of the ultimate abomination. It is a sign of the times, how Satan has gained a foothold on the world by establishing his own church. God help us all.

Upright keywords: trade, skilled labour, craft, aristocracy, renown, glory, barter, work in progress

Their Facade

8 of Pentagrams

In the guise of artist, a man does the work of Satan. This card is a sign of excessive pride and vanity. He takes so much pride in doing the devil's deeds that his ego expands exponentially. Before he knows it, he believes himself to be a god. Unfortunately he has only risen to the height of folly.

The satanic works of the man are proudly displayed at the man's work station. He does batches of satanic sigils before distributing them to Satan's growing army of worshippers. Each work takes on a life of its own, spreading evil in a systematic web spun by the devil himself.

The devil's works could be anything intended to spread his message: any kind of art, crafts, poetry, books, movies, TV shows, new age religions, or any kinds of ideas large or small. One must be careful because in these times satanism is being sold on every street corner in all manner of packaging.

Reversed keywords: voided ambition, vanity, exaction, usury, cunning, ingenious, intrigue

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